What About Socialization?

socialization truthWhat About Socialization?

That is the number one question we hear as homeschoolers.

Socialization is not just having your child sit in a classroom full of children the same age. In a way that puts limits on socialization. Here is something to think about, your kids will reflect the people and kids they are around. If they are around you they will reflect your behavior. But, if they are in a room with 30 other kids there’s a chance that they will mimick what their classmates do and say. When our kids were in public school we noticed on many occasions that they would come home with different personalities, and repeat words and phrases that their classmates used. It was pretty odd and unsettling to be honest.

Contrary to what some people might think, as homeschoolers, we don’t just sit at home to do schoolwork. We have the freedom to go out into the world to do our work. When we are out of the house the kids interact with people of all ages in their neighborhood! Speaking of neighborhoods, this video will bring back some memories: Sesame Street, Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood

Some of our favorite places to do school work, meet new people, and socialize are: the library, the park, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and even Disney! Of course, there are many more ways to socialize your homeschoolers: play dates, sports, dance, volunteering, church, clubs and letting them play at the parks.

The world is your classroom and playground. Use it!

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Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), wrote a great article that is more eloquent than what I wrote above. You’ll find that link here: HSLDA Socialization

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