Target, I Love You, But…

A shelf full of girl magazines.

Girls have a ton of magazines to choose from.

Before you begin reading this blog there are a couple of things you should know:

1) Elijah is my son. He has a reading/reading comprehension disability. He also has dysgraphia. He can read…just not quickly. He hates to read though. He also hates to read about the same subject for a long period of time.

2) I REALLY LOVE TARGET. This blog, in NO way is meant to put Target down or give them  a bad name.

Target, I Love You, But…

While shopping at #Target for my #OperationChristmas mission, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the magazine section to see if there were any magazines that my kids might like. There were a ton of magazines for girls. Score! Sophia will love some of those! Then I hit a brick wall. Where were all of the magazines for pre-teen boys? (I want to find something that will get Elijah interested in reading…comics aren’t working as well as I had hoped they would.) There were no pre-teen magazines there! I am so annoyed! I know there are a couple of boys magazines out there…but Target didn’t have any:(

No boys magazines

Magazines for everyone except pre-teen boys.

I know. I know. Target isn’t the place to look for magazines. HOWEVER, if they’re going to have magazines for everyone else (Women, Men, Teens, Girls, Pregnant Women…and people who like hunting, fishing, cooking, photography, quilting, sports, outdoors, bicycling, running, looking at women in bikinis, etc., the list goes on and on) they should really think about offering at least ONE magazine for pre-teen BOYS!

In the picture you can see a magazine cover with the Green Arrow on the front and a Comic-Con blurb on the cover. One might think that would be ok for a pre-teen. It’s actually a TV Guide Magazine…and, in my opinion, it was geared more toward mid to older teens. I thumbed through it for a bit. However, it would not have held the interest of my 11-year-old.

After coming home, I did a little research online.

There really isn’t anything out there for boys that is similar to everything the girls have! I did find a magazine called Boys’ Life. I’m tempted to get that one and have Elijah try it out. There were a couple of others that I found for pre-teens. One of the resources I found was a link to the Parents Choice magazine awards. You can find it here. One of the companies listed on the Parents Choice link is a publishing company called Cricket Media. You can view their website here. They seem to have a couple of magazines. BUT, it seems like every magazine only covers one topic.

I just want to find ONE pre-teen magazine for boys that incorporates Legos, video games, building things, sports, movies, AND robots… (Just to name a few topics.) If Elijah has one magazine that only includes one topic, he’s going to be bored and give up on reading through the entire thing. HOWEVER, if I can find a magazine that covers different topics, that would hold his attention long enough to get through the magazine without just looking at the pictures.

I need an all-in-one magazine for boys.

Am I expecting too much? Does that magazine even exist? If it does exist please let me know!

Wabi Sabi Mommy

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