Wabi Sabi Mommy

Wabi Sabi Mommy

Are you considering homeschooling your children? Are you looking for answers to the tough questions like, “Can we afford this?” Or, “Can I really teach my kids everything they need to go to college?”

There are many ways to teach children and the first step is asking yourself what type of education do you want your children to have.  Some people want to teach by using a religious curriculum; and some want to spend quality time with their kids by using the un-schooling method. There are also some that prefer to use a variety of methods.

There are many reasons to homeschool your children but you need to start by understanding why you and your family want to do it. After you have your “why” you will be able to find many resources available to help you on your journey.  Homeschooling isn’t about the end result; it’s about the adventure along the way.  There will be good days and bad days, difficult lessons and easy lessons. But the key to a successful schooling experience is teaching your children to be life-long learners. No matter what resources you find to help your on your path you will have a community to support you.

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