Making Better Choices

homemade_signI don’t know about you, but, every time I hear news reports about chemicals in food, bathing products, and even suntan lotions, it freaks me out. What the hell am I giving my kids?!

Over the past year I have made a few changes such as: “family cloth” (only my daughter and I use this), DIY laundry detergentreusable dryer sheets“no-poo” shampoo method (again, only my daughter and I use this…and it’s AWESOME), and even switched my monthly visitor product (…which is AWESOME, btw. If you want to know more send me a private message…). I have been very happy with all of these changes. My next projects will be homemade dishwasher cubes and homemade body wash! I can’t wait!!! (My husband thinks I’m CRAZY…but, WHATEVER!)

A few months ago I searched Pinterest for a homemade deodorant and decided to try a liquid/spray version. It worked pretty good, but it wasn’t…great. The Florida heat and humidity can wreck havoc on the pits, know what I mean?

Anyway, as I was going through my boards on Pinterest I noticed that there was another deodorant recipe I wanted to try… AND, I just happened to have all of the ingredients (and two empty deodorant bottles). I know….that never happens, right?! Well, I would like to report that the recipe…is…fantastic! For the final test, I still need to go running with it; but, so far it’s great! If you’re interested, check out this link. Seriously, it took 5 minutes. Even the kids were impressed with it! (In case you’re wondering, I used three drops each of lemon & lavender essential oils…but you don’t have to use the oils if you don’t want to.)

Have you switched any products due to chemicals? If so, what did you switch? Did it work for you and/or your family?

Wabi Sabi Mommy

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