gumbo-signI enjoy cooking ONE thing. And that’s GUMBO.

Picture it…I’m in the kitchen minding my own business, listening to cajun & zydeco music, and having a beer all while making the roux for my gumbo. Then, my kids start acting up. If it were any other circumstance I would drop whatever I was doing and deal with the kids. HOWEVER, when you’re in the middle of stirring a roux you can’t just stop…at all. The roux will burn and your house will smell reallyreally...bad. And the roux I was making may just be one of my best; I couldn’t just leave it. So, what do I do? I start yelling at the kids to come in the kitchen so I can scold them while continuing to stir the roux. I’m sure I looked like a crazy person while all of this scolding was going on. I certainly felt like a crazy person for a split second. Heck, if I had been watching everything unfold I would’ve been laughing. I swear I would make MILLIONS of dollars if there were cameras in my house. Anyway, I ended up punishing them for the rest of the day…no technology. (Trust me, they deserved it.) I think my exact words were, “If it plugs in you can’t use it…unless its the vacuum.” They were not happy…whatever. No one messes up my gumbo time and gets away with it. (Insert the mom face here.)

Do you have any funny stories to tell about acting like a crazy person to your kids? If so, lets hear it!

Wabi Sabi Mommy

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