Friends? Or, Acquaintenances?

How many of your social media friends are actually...friends?

How many of your social media friends are actually…friends?

How many of your social media friends are actually…friends? Do you ever look at the number of “Friends” you have on FB and ask yourself, “If there was an emergency and I really needed someone, how many of these people would I feel comfortable calling?”? Bottom line? Most are acquaintances…not actual friends.
Honestly, there are about 10 people from my FB friend list that I could call and know, without a doubt, that they would be there for me. (This does not include family members).
So, WHY do we have hundreds of “friends” on our list? Is it to snoop around and stalk pages? I’m sure one of the problems is that we got caught up adding co-workers to our list. Another problem could be that you feel that it’s necessary to add people you went to school with…way back when. And you’re probably not even close to most of them. The fact is, over the years most people grow apart and then find new “friends.” The friend list (the acquaintance list) grows and grows. Then, once in a while we see the obscene number on the friend list and decide to PURGE. And it feels SO good…But, then we’re stuck with the “what-ifs.” What if I run into them again? What if they see me on the “people you might know” feature and try to add me as a friend again? What if I decide not to add them again then see them a week or two later? GAH…the pressure!
Oh, well. Gotta go purge the Acquaintance list. They’ll get over it. 🙂

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